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Narrative Designer & Writer
Assisting game designer

Made in 2018 (7 month project)

Group of 7 team members 

Adventure game

Created with Unity

Themes: Death | Adventure | Reflection


Pitch:  A traveler awakes in the hearth of a desert, and explores it to understand his place within this world in ruins which seems to be dying.


He has as a guide a Titan who constantly walks into the unknown.


During his journey, he learns more about his environment, but also about his true self.


Titan° is a 3D adventure game in which the player controls the Traveller, a mysterious character who constantly follow a Titan as the latter seems to be his only purpose in this dying desertic world.

As the Titan does bigger steps than the Traveller, the player needs to keep up the pace to not "disappear" in the trail of the Titan.

His journey will be marked by pitfalls, therefore he will need to collect memories fragments from the past on his way to reconstruct his environment. This allows him to explore new surroundings by climbing up and gliding in the air, sometimes carried by wind flows.

Through his progression,the Traveller discovers, as well as the player, the past of his world and most of all: his true self.




I was the one in charge of the narrative design and the writing of the scenario of Titan°.
My task was to determine how to convey our narration through gameplay.

You can find the global scenario, written in a travel journal way right here (available in english) just above.


Greatly inspired by Journey from thatgamecompany, we wanted to make the player reflect through a unique adventure that treats the subject of death.


Each level is a metaphor for one of the stages towards the acceptance of death (psychological process)The team worked on creating the third level of the game as a prototype: "Wrath".

The interpretation of the Traveller is the one of a dying world as and when he goes along. But in reality, this journey is a pilgrimage to the acceptance of his own death, as the world he used to live in has already died.


Indeed, the player discovers while playing that the main character is actually the soul of the Titan, personified as the Traveller.

Therefore, a real work on the esotericism of death has been done to define the best way to transmit this aspect through environmental storytelling so that it relays our main intentions.

Despite its pejorative aspect, this journey wants to be positive, where the ending of the game doesn’t bring any unilateral answer, but lets the player come to his own conclusion on his adventure through the elements’ symbolism.


Our goal was to succeed in talking about a difficult and sensitive subject, by bringing it in a poetic and oneiric way.

What I've learned...

To treat a subject such as death isn’t an easy task: people don’t have the same outlook, it is difficult to talk about it. The message transposed can not be perceived the same way by everyone.
A lot of precaution must be taken when working on a theme like this one.


Backlogs/schedules to date allow us to see where we are on the project, and what are the precise objectives for the next meeting.


Meetings are also important for the same reasons, but they need to be defined with precise objectives to solve so that they don’t last forever. The decisions approved need to be written so everyone is on the same page.


This project was a tough one to realize! In all cases, I have learned a lot from it.


Team members


Programmer & Game artist



Game artist



Game designer


Producer &
Game/Level designer



Game/Sound designer



Game artist

Special thanks to Samuel PUSZKAREK  for his help

on the soundtrack of the game.


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