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Grealty inspired by Bloodbowl, Battlegreen is a board game where mutated veggies and fruits play a famous sport called the “Vegeta-ball”.


The aim is to score points for your team by making a touchdown with a ball in the opponent’s camp. Position wisely your team players and use their special abilities parsimoniously to win the match! 

Each ball has a special rule that is only active while it is in play, diversifying the gameplay.


Comedy and violence enliven every game, thanks to the crazy environment of Battlegreen.


Board game (2016)

Game designer (team of 3 people)


Have you ever felt the urge of playing a kaiju ?
Well, we made it happen, with the “French touch” by creating Wrecking Paris, a 2D mobile game where you play a Joan of Arc kaiju destroying Paris.


Destroy as much of the city as possible (buildings, helicopters, tanks) to achieve the best score !


By creating combos from dropping abilities from a cycling UI, you perform impressive attacks, allowing you to score a maximum of points !


Mobile game (2018) - Made on Unity

Game designer (team of 7 people)

Workshop with Gameloft

Wrecking Paris



Level design created on
Unreal tournament 4 (2018)

Level designer


It is a map I created on Unreal Tournament 4, with an intention of risk/reward principle, where the dexterity of the player is the key to assure victory.


An open arena in the center of the map forces the players to go there sometimes, as the most powerful weapon for the map can spawn at any moment, giving a certain advantage for its owner.


Bake unique planets by experimenting your own recipes with the hope of welcoming life and creating your galaxy!


Being a sandbox game, there is no imposed goal. Your only goal is to create your own galaxy by cooking planets with ingredients.

Play mini-games to obtain new ingredients, create your own paste by mixing ingredients, position your planet in the galaxy and contemplate on your own creation with its own climate, flora, and fauna.

God Cooking Planet

God-like/sandbox game - Made on Unity (2019)
Game designer (system and content)

Fill up each glass as much as you can, without making the glass overflow! 


Created during a workshop with Voodoo, hyper-casual games rely on a non-gamer audience. With the intention of simplifying our game design as much as possible, we created "Juice It!", in which the player just needs to press anywhere on the screen to raise the juice in his glass. Depending on the width of the cup, the rising speed isn't the same.


Fill as much as you can without overflowing it to gain a maximum of cash to buy new glasses/juices and so on! 


Juice it!

Hyper-casual game - Made on Unity (2019)

Game designer
Workshop with Voodoo


About me


Competitive twin-stick shooter
Made on Unity (2019)

Producer, game/sound designer

Become the most powerful cult by assimilating other believers to your own cult!


In this versus twin-stick shooter game, each player is at the head of a cult.

The players must kill the monsters that infest the manor and collect their gems to turn themselves into giant personas in order to defeat opposing cultists. Each defeated believer is added to the cult of the winner.

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