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Intern Game Designer/Producer
at &Ranj

4 month internship
(June 2020 - September 2020)

Serious games, narrative driven games

Serious game company, I worked at &Ranj in multidisciplinary teams, doing clients-based projects.

I contributed to clients projects through:
- Day-to-day communication with the team
- Game design activities (e.g. functional design,
writing game content, documenting...)
- Brainstorms & conceptualizing
- Testing (own implementation, bug reports, delivering final product)

I had the opportunity to manage a team of interns on an internal project for 1 month, applying the Agile/Scrum project organization in an autonomous way.

&Ranj projects

Take5 - LookAtPhone.png

What I've done?...

DAF Excellerate: Partnering with Becker is one of the projects I contributed to. It is a narrative game with decision branching addressed to salesmen/saleswomen working at DAF who wants to train their selling skills. My main role consisted to implement content translation for 11 different languages for the game's text assets. I worked on checking if there weren’t any translated text bleeding out of their text frames. If there were, we would report them (and sometimes make a suggestion so the text would fit) in an Excel document with screenshots. We would then send them back to the translators for a new round of corrections to rephrase or shorten the text.

&Ranj is a game development company that has been trying to bring solutions to global problems through serious games & gamification for the past 20+ years. They mostly collaborate with clients, as &Ranj's goal is to create games/gamified solutions to a problem their clients are having for their employees/target audience. 

As an intern, I've worked on several projects with different teams within the company.

My tasks mainly consisted to playtest the projects I was assigned to, report bugs encountered for debugging by the programmers, giving feedback on what can be improved on the existing projects, implement new features, and so on... I also helped the teams by creating playtests surveys for their clients to collect insightful data.

&ranj motto.jpg

What I've learned?...

Assassin's Creed



Serious games are an interesting field of the industry. Before working here, I had very little idea of how serious games were designed, how gamification solutions were brought to respond to arose problems. My stay allowed me to gather this knowledge that I was missing to better understand the creative process in serious games, which was a very enriching experience.

This internship was my first experience in the video game industry. I finally had the chance to see how things work in a professional environment. To learn new vocabulary related to video game development, like Agile management, as well as practice what I've learned for the past four years, was very rewarding. This experience definitely helped me to expand my mindset as a game designer and gain confidence in myself as well. Furthermore, the fact I worked in a small company helped me to fit more easily into my first professional production.

Thanks to the projects I’ve worked on, I learned a lot about Agile Management. When I first arrived here, I knew very little about Agile. I've already worked with it in the past, but never with experienced managers. The management expertise gained during my stay definitely proved useful in my way of managing my graduation project team on the project Haul away.

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