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Essays - Quest Design exercise


Quest design exercise and adaptation to a different setting

Level/Quest Design case study

Made in February 2022

For this exercise, I've created the very first story mission for a single-player adventure open-world game, during which the player encounters the game's villain. The foreshadowing aspect and suspense leading to this moment needed to be reflected through the quest.

The rich environment of the setting also needed to tell a narrative through its visual storytelling, allowing the player to feel a part of a living world. 

The quest written here was first set up in a futuristic setting, before adapting it to a medieval one, explaining what would remain the same and what would change.

I've found this exercise quite challenging on the creative side, but also very inspiring as we often found ourselves the necessity to adapt our quests to the project's evolution (new features, cuts...) while keeping the essence of it, which makes it interesting to play.

According to me, Silent Hill 2 is a storytelling masterpiece video game that any player should at least play once in their lifetime.

Therefore, being a big fan of the game, I decided to do a level and narrative design case study of one of its areas: Toluca prison.

The symbolism behind its game elements, as well as the level design, contribute to the unique horrific atmosphere of the game.

Silent Hill 2:
Toluca prison

Level/Narrative case study

Made in July 2021

Essay - Silent Hill 2 analysis

After making some research to understand what are the basic criteria that make an enjoyable and interesting quest, I've analyzed a main quest from Cyberpunk 2077 to put into practice my new theoretical learnings.

In addition to this, I've tried to create a personal side quest following and respecting the gameplay, narrative, and world-building of Cyberpunk 2077. A 2D-level design layout of a  beat has been made to show the multiple-path approach the player can take depending on their archetype built.

This introduction exercise has helped me to understand how a quest should be designed while reinforcing my interest and my wish to play a part someday in the narrative of a future production title.

Introduction to the key aspects of a good design quest

Level/Quest Design case study

Made in May 2021

Essays - Introduction Quest Design
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