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Born in the United States, from a French father and a Filipino mother, I grew up mostly in France. “Mostly” as I use to travel a lot around the world because of my father's job. As a consequence, I've been privileged to live all around the world.


Travelling helped me to develop an open-minded spirit, due to all the cultures I’ve met during my childhood. I’ve been to several countries on the American continent, as well as the European one, but I’ve also been to Australia, and even Egypt, where I lived for 3 years.

Before studying game design, I did several courses among others, medical school and law studies, but I didn’t find the expected thrill I was looking for along.


As writing is a second passion for me, and I like video games, I then decided to find my way in this field.


And that's how level and narrative design lead me to where I am right now.

My career goal, through stories and gameplay, would be to make players think about life aspects and change their way of seeing what surrounds them. In short, to contribute to make the world a better place, thanks to the unique interactive experiences video games can make us live.
Being one day a creative director, the visionary of a project could be both challenging and enriching!


I incline to be plurivalent in order to fully exploit the knowledge of all the domains that the 10th art offers us, either on the technical or creative side.


Anything that can enrich someone’s culture is a key to creativity’s success, as I believe.


As for some of my hobbies (besides traveling), I was the director of the cinema club in my school, because the film industry is something I am highly passionate about, as they can be a source of inspiration for the stories that I write. I also like to be an actor in short films, but also to shoot and edit them.

About me...

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