my name is Jim CADOR.
Pleased to meet you.

I'm a master 2 student
in Game design & Management
at Rubika Supinfogame (France).

I'm currently looking for a job or a 3 to 5 months internship in level/narrative design 
from August 2020.

Feel free to have a look at some of the projects
I've worked on with amazing people, just right below.
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Major projects

Producer, level designer

A few months ago, a storm tore Elea from her ship, the Höfn. Miraculously, she escaped drowning and now survives in a graveyard of wrecks where the sea has left her.


One morning, as she is finishing the last repairs on a sailboat she is refurbishing, a bottle is washed up ashore on the beach. A message left by her father, the captain of the Höfn.

Will Elea retrieve her family ? 

As the sea is hostile and ruthless, Elea must constantly perfect her sailing skills, such as improving her boat and learning to master it.

2D Zelda-like
Urban project

Writer/Narrative and Level designer​

After losing her sister in a freezing blizzard, Nam-Kha, a young child awakes in a strange village.

The dark past of this hamlet seems to have serious consequences and in close link with the recent events lived.

Her camera which allows her to duplicate photographic elements, as well as her sword and lantern, are her only assets to defend herself from the dangers confronted and solve the situations encountered.

Narrative designer and Writer

Day and night, in a ruined desert, a traveler follows a Titan who is constantly walking into the unknown.

During his journey, he collects memory fragments to reconstruct his environment, which allow him to explore new surroundings by climbing up and gliding. His adventure will unravel the past of his world and most of all: his true self.

Narrative designer and Writer


The souls of the stars, the Asters, have landed on Earth as they need help from us. They need some of our joyful energy to retrieve their lost shine and go home, into the sky.

A lot of mini-game equipment is placed in a street allowing visitors to share happy convivial moments with family, friends or even strangers.

For just a moment, this urban project wants to take you to a unique memorable scripted universe in which "reunite" is a key word.


Level / Game designer

You find yourself in a hospital where you came to visit a relative. However, as you go along, strange things seem to happen…Fear and doubt start to make you lose your mind, the hospital doesn't seem to be what you thought to visit.


What mystery surrounds this place?

Depending on your sanity, the levels' configuration changes, which makes them real mazes for good…and bad. Watch out to your sanity level if you don't want to fall in madness forever...

Selected for the 
Hits Playtime 2018 contest

Level / Game designer

A long time ago, the vegetal world of Swan lived in harmony with music. However, it now has lost its melody, flittering all the flora. Only the robot J³ can bring back nature’s chant with his musical box by bringing it to the broadcast tower.

With the help of it, he can orchestrate Nature’s behaviour by playing different music styles. Each style affects its own way the behaviour of a plant, which allows him to reach new boundaries by orchestrating them.

Monastery's snare 4.PNG
Third person shooter

Level designer


Elite soldier of a secret task force, your mission is to extract a renowned biomedical scientist who has been abducted by an armed group in what seems to be an abandoned monastery.


Multiplayer third person shooter with a multipath approach, my goal was to create a level in a unique setting where the players need to save themselves by playing tactically in stressful gunfights situations.


Level designer / Level architect


A hitman has a mission which is to execute a high-level person named Janus in a futuristic dystopian society.

A variety of guards will try to prevent him from reaching his target confined at the top of a tower.

Designed with chosen contrasts to rhythm the level, the player is reminded of the differences between the two societies (rich and poor). The bloody fights progressively emphasize graphic violence.

Other projects

Mobile game
Level design on UT4
God-like/sandbox game
mobile game
Twin-stick shooter game

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