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my name is Jim CADOR.
Pleased to meet yo

Currently Junior Level/Quest Designer, 
I'm open to new opportunities from May 2024.

Through mediums such as environmental storytelling, I focus on crafting meaningful and emotional experiences in which the player can identify itself. 

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Feel free to have a look at some of the projects
I've worked on with amazing people, just right below.
Click on the project you're interested to have more info about it!

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Professional projects

AC Nexus Banner.png
May 2022 - Ongoing
Action - Adventure
Junior Level Designer at Ubisoft Blue Byte
(Düsseldorf, Germany)

Continuing on my previous experience with Ubisoft Mumbai, I 've worked with the Level Design team of Ubisoft Düsseldorf on the same Assassin’s Creed VR project for Meta.

As per my role, my main tasks were:

  • Being the Main Mission owner of Monteriggioni Tunnels from Beta till release, ensuring to deliver it at a shippable quality.

  • Being the Design owner of some Italy realization sequences conveying the emotional experience intended.

  • Documenting LDDs and creating new templates.- Balancing and adapting readability, difficulty and accessibility of the missions’ beats following audits/feedback in Unity through visual scripting.

  • Helping to refine the Italy setting navigation flow in VR (parkour, climbing...), as well as allowing multiple tactical playstyles (combat, stealth...).

  • Improving VO design/narrative flow and taking ownership of their implementation (one liners, conversations, optional reads...).

  • Contributing to bug fixing initiatives by thoroughly testing, reporting and solving design issues encountered prior to release.

  • Collaborating closely with the other departments (notably Narrative, Realization and Living World).

October 2020 - April 2021
7 months internship
Intern Level/Mission Designer at Ubisoft Mumbai
(Mumbai, India)

I've also worked remotely from France as a Level/Mission Designer intern on this same project with the Level Design team from Ubisoft Mumbai (India)

As per my role, my main tasks were:
- Creating LDDs and templates for level designers 

- Prototyping levels, testing and implementing them in the engine

- Doing level scripting through visual scripting

&Ranj - Logo banner.jpg
June 2019 - September 2019
Serious games
4 months internship
Intern Game Designer/Producer at &Ranj
(Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Serious game company, I worked at &Ranj in multidisciplinary teams, doing clients-based projects.

I contributed to clients projects through:
- Day-to-day communication with the team
- Game design activities (e.g. functional design, writing game content, documenting...)
- Brainstorms & conceptualizing
- Testing (own implementation, bug reports, delivering final product)


Personal projects

Dhaulagiri - Miniature.PNG
Action stealth
First Person Shooter
Level Designer
Created with Far Cry 4's map editor

Made with Far Cry's 4 map editor, the player's goal mission is to eliminate all the enemies without letting the alarm to be triggered. 


Therefore, the player must complete this mission in a stealth way, avoiding being detected by the enemies and killing them silently.

Based on an "outpost" game mode, this mission centered on a stealth approach, forces the player to observe well his surroundings to understand how to use the environment at his advantage, as well as define clear action plans in order to take down the targets without letting a chance for them to detect his presence.

Haul away titre.png
Producer, Level Designer
Created with UE4

A few months ago, a storm tore Elea from her ship, the Höfn. Miraculously, she escaped drowning and now survives in a graveyard of wrecks where the sea has left her.


One morning, as she is finishing the last repairs on a sailboat she is refurbishing, a bottle is washed up ashore on the beach. A message left by her father, the captain of the Höfn.

Will Elea retrieve her family ? 

As the sea is hostile and ruthless, Elea must constantly perfect her sailing skills, such as improving her boat and learning to master it.

Monastery's snare 4.PNG
Third person shooter

Elite soldier of a secret task force, your mission is to extract a renowned biomedical scientist who has been abducted by an armed group in what seems to be an abandoned monastery.


Multiplayer third person shooter with a multipath approach, my goal was to create a level in a unique setting where the players need to save themselves by playing tactically in stressful gunfights situations.

Level Designer
Created with UE4

A hitman has a mission which is to execute a high-level person named Janus in a futuristic dystopian society.

A variety of guards will try to prevent him from reaching his target confined at the top of a tower.

Designed with chosen contrasts to rhythm the level, the player is reminded of the differences between the two societies (rich and poor). The bloody fights progressively emphasize graphic violence.

Vignette village.png
2D Zelda-like
Writer/Narrative and Level Designer​
Created with Game Maker

After losing her sister in a freezing blizzard, Nam-Kha, a young child awakens in a strange village.

The dark past of this hamlet seems to have serious consequences and in close link with the recent events lived.

Her camera which allows her to duplicate photographic elements, as well as her sword and lantern, are her only assets to defend herself from the dangers confronted and solve the situations encountered.

Titan Grand haut (1).jpg
Writer/Narrative Designer
Created with Unity

Day and night, in a ruined desert, a traveler follows a Titan who is constantly walking into the unknown.

During his journey, he collects memory fragments to reconstruct his environment, which allow him to explore new surroundings by climbing up and gliding. His adventure will unravel the past of his world and most of all: his true self.

Level/Mission Designer
Created with UE4
Screenshot Phyllon 4.png

Other projects

Mobile game
Level design on UT4
God-like/sandbox game
mobile game
Twin-stick shooter game

If you wish to know more about my profile,
the About Me page will clear up a bit of that mystery surrounding me. 

If that's still not enough, or if you need more details on my work,

please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for visiting! 

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